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Clients choose us because they value our contribution as part of their team. Our quality, our integrity and our international scope - combined with a strong client service culture and a business oriented, problem-solving approach - make us the merchant banking firm of choice for transactions in the global economy.

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As a merchant bank, Lombard provides financial, acquisition, project development and church management services for churches on the move. Whether your objective is to obtain financing or solve project construction, accounting, tax or operating problems, we are focused on listening to your needs, then designing solutions that fit - with your budget, your time line, your organization culture and your vision.

Lombard is the only institution a church needs to successfully complete its financing and expansion objectives on budget and on time from concept to completion. Lombard’s mission is to assist a Church in the realization of its vision. 

One of the greatest challenges that many churches and ministries often encounter is the daunting task of relocating or expanding to meet the needs of their growing congregation.  Most lending institutions rarely understand the spirit, nature and structure of inter-denominational and non-denominational churches. This often makes the process of obtaining a loan and/or buying property most difficult. 

Lombard has provided advice, structured and made loans, negotiated and engineered mergers and acquisitions of some of the most widely known and respected inter- and non-denominational churches and ministries in the world. Lombard strategic alliance partners with churches and ministries providing support and guidance that is essential for financing, real estate acquisition and sale as well as implementation of expansion projects from concept to completion. 

A team of experienced professionals works hand-in-hand through the entire process of church and ministry mergers and acquisitions, purchasing existing facilities, site location, acquisition and new facility construction as well as evaluation of all necessary professional disciplines such as architects, builders, lawyers and accountants.

The Lombard Development Management team oversees entire projects from concept to completion as an “Owner’s Representative” while Lombard’s Church Finance division structures financing and provides advisement.

Our strategic alliance company oversees an entire project acting as your organization's "Owner's Representative" to help you dramatically effect cost reductions from property acquisition negotiations through project completion.



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