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Clients choose us because they value our contribution as part of their team. Our quality, our integrity and our international scope - combined with a strong client service culture and a business oriented, problem-solving approach - make us the merchant banking firm of choice for transactions in the global economy.

Not-For-Profit Lending Group History


Lombard is a non-regulated private merchant banking institution founded in New York in 1974. As a lender, participant and/or lead manager of a substantial  investor group, Lombard makes available financing as well as advice and financial engineering services to clients its review committee accepts under an exclusive engagement relationship.


Lombard's proprietary financial engineering, strategic advice and unique approach to providing financing solutions for difficult (certain other institutions (and client's elsewhere on this website) have said "impossible") situations for not only churches today, but,  global companies, governments and individuals as well. Lombard has developed its leadership position in complex and difficult transactions over more than 34 years. It now apply its extensive knowledge, experience and methodologies for the benefit of the Kingdom and the many churches that come to Lombard for help often after they have exhausted all other options and find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances.


Eight years ago Lombard's founder and his Vice Chairman discovered, through their churches' respective financing challenges, the failure of regulated banks and other lenders to adequately understand and serve the special needs and finances of non-denominational churches as well as the non-conventional and often non-conforming nature of multi-cultural church lending and the need to advocate and not obstruct them.


It was then Lombard saw the need to create its Not-For-Profit Lending Group. Lombard's select clients have consisted of some of the largest names, churches and ministries in the world. They come to Lombard by word of mouth and not through solicitation. Clients are selected through an extensive screening  process conducted by a review committee of Spirit led believers.



The Information stated herein does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, investment products or services. Offering of onshore and offshore Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Real Estate, and Private Equity Funds is made by private placement memorandum only and are offered directly by the Funds and certain third parties, including affiliates of the sponsors of the Funds and the manager of the Funds. Funds will be offered in the United States by the General Partner of said Funds, typically International Lombard Corporation. Alternative Asset Investments are intended solely for the accredited investor. Prior to making any investment in the securities being offered, each prospective investor will be required to complete an investor suitability questionnaire verifying the investor's status as an accredited investor under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, among other matters. Investment advisory services provided by International Lombard Corporation.

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